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Additional Services


Matterport 3D Tours

Adding a Matterport 3D Tour to your listing can attract the attention of potential buyers and give them the feeling of "walking through" the property right from their computer or mobile device.

 Matterport 3D tour charges are based on the size of the property:  up to 2500' square feet is $50.00,

2501' - 3500' square feet is $75.00, and 3501' square feet and above is $100.00.  


Floor Plans

Floor plans provide useful information about a property and enhance the imagination and visualization process for potential buyers. Buyers use floor plans to quickly check whether the property meets their needs for space, layout and storage.  Floorplans can be shown with or without approximate room dimensions.

Add a floor plan for a property up to 2500' square feet for $10.00, 

and properties 2501' to 4000' square feet for $20.00.

Daylight to Dusk Conversion
Daylight to Dusk Conversion

Daylight to Dusk Conversion

Virtual twilight images add a welcoming glow and make your listing stand out against the competition.  

Exterior edited images can be added for $10.00 per edit.

4603 Palmetto Palms Drive-7.jpg
4603 Palmetto Palms Drive-46.jpg

Virtual Staging


Virtual staging helps prospective buyers envision how the space could look.  Design elements are added to the photo digitally - no heavy lifting involved, and at a fraction of the cost of actual staging.

Virtual staging can be added for $25.00 per edit.

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